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A Commitment to Serve

At Abyssinian, we are committed to serving God, our church and community. Use the Staff Directory below to let us know, How can we be of assistance, Beloved? “But the greatest among you shall be your servant.” –Matthew 23:11

Church Staff Directory

Main Number: 212.862.7474

Rev. Dr. Calvin O. Butts, III Pastor x 255
Rev. Reginald L. Bachus Associate Pastor x 203
Rev. Rashad Raymond Moore Assistant Minister x 212
Rev. Itang Young Assistant Minister for Youth x 220
Church Officers
Gerald Barbour Chair, Board of Deacons x 235
Eleanor E. Olive Chair, Board of Deaconess x 235
Alexis Thomas Chair, Board of Trustees x 240
Walter Douglas Treasurer x 240
Sheila S. Boston Church Clerk x 216
Music Staff
James Davis, Jr. Director of Music Ministries & Fine Arts x 261
Vacant Minister of Music for Youth x 0
Walteen Whitfield Stewardship Administrator x 213
Naomi Graham Administrative Officer/Executive Asst. to Pastor x 255
Miranda Mifflin Assistant to the Associate Pastor x 216
Minnie Davis Receptionist x 0/225
Ann Sheriff Receptionist x 0/225
Vacant Chief Sexton x 244
Richard Clark Custodian x 0
Dexter Fletcher Custodian x 0
Leary Fredricks Custodian x 0
Louis Mendez Custodian x 0
Akuba Pyles Custodian x 0