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Learning at Abyssinian Baptist Church

From the essential teachings of our Core Classes to the in-depth topic examinations of Abyssinian’s Institute for Christian Education (AICE), Abyssinian offers a range of Christian Education programs for all ages.

New Members Class

Meets Sundays, 8:15AM - 9:30AM

New member classes impact foundational knowledge about Jesus Christ & Salvation, Baptist Polity & Practice, Abyssinian Church History, and Worship & Stewardship. This class does not meet on the 5th Sunday of the month.

New Members Orientation Class Schedule
Class 1 At the Cross: Jesus and Salvation (1st Sunday)
Class 2 Faith Foundations: Baptist Polity and Practices (2nd Sunday)
Class 3 The Abyssinian Baptist Church: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (3rd Sunday)
Class 4 Giving God Our Best: Worship & Stewardship (4th Sunday)