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Learning at Abyssinian Baptist Church

From the essential teachings of our Core Classes to the in-depth topic examinations of Abyssinian’s Institute for Christian Education (AICE), Abyssinian offers a range of Christian Education programs for all ages.

New Members Class

New member classes impact foundational knowledge about Jesus Christ & Salvation, Baptist Polity & Practice, Abyssinian Church History, and Worship & Stewardship. This class does not meet on the 5th Sunday of the month.

New Members Orientation Class Schedule
Class 1 At the Cross: Jesus and Salvation (1st Sunday)
Class 2 Faith Foundations: Baptist Polity and Practices (2nd Sunday)
Class 3 The Abyssinian Baptist Church: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (3rd Sunday)
Class 4 Giving God Our Best: Worship & Stewardship (4th Sunday)

Adult Bible Study

This comprehensive study of the “Word” is designed to enrich the lifelong, intimate and obedient relationship adults desire to have with the Living God through Christ.